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Mateo Clarke

What I Learned Yesterday - React vs. jQuery

Every day at AcademicWorks, the Engineering Team has a Dev Sync where we share something we learned from the day before. Here is what I learned yesterday…

Did you say React?!

You’ll hear comparisons between Knockout vs. Backbone or Angular vs. Ember. There’s a javascript framework war going on out there. Now, the newest title contender in the hearts and minds of yavascripters is REACT.

javascript battle royale

It’s fun to watch, but I’ve been hesitant to jump into this battle and pick a side. Frankly, this is because I’m still learning so much about basic javascript patterns. And I’m able to use jQuery to manipulate the DOM and modify my UI. And when I really need it, I’ve enjoyed learning and using helper libraries like Underscore or Leaflet to achieve the baseline goals for a given project.

But what if the battle isn’t between New Thing vs. Other New Thing? What if the battle is over the fundamental way we interact with the DOM?

I just completed Shu Uesugi’s (aka @chibicode) React.js Introduction For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery To Get By and this paradigm shift became more clear for me.

What I Learned

The tutorial compares the tried and true jQuery model of interacting with the DOM through selectors and event handlers (like $(".item").on("click", doSomething())) to the new paradigm of how React can make the same changes to the UI by rendering a fresh HTML component anytime state is changed.

This is the important takeaway:

In jQuery, you write event handlers which modify the DOM.
In React.js, you write event handlers which modify the state. And you write render() to reflect the current state.

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